The Opposite of Actualization

After my not so beloved experience of the Drunken Master, I think I got further with some conceptualization of what self control is to Actualization, and  what Actualization is not to self control. When I was drunk, the guy who was there is not the only persona to blame. The whole circumstances that lead to … Continue reading The Opposite of Actualization

What Does Matter ?

Nothing matters. No path is superior than the other. And so there are no shiny end results, and dusty dirty ones. intrinsic value is nonexistent. There is no fixed hierarchies of paths. It is all made up. and all interconnected infinitely. One cannot exist without the other. So why hold some of them high up … Continue reading What Does Matter ?

The Greatest Prison Escape

There is something troubling when the people around behave in accordance with their scripts, while you are standing in the middle questioning all and learning nothing. If your grounds are shaky, you may end up doubting yourself. It could easily be the case that everybody is right, and it is only you who's wrong. After … Continue reading The Greatest Prison Escape